An aquatic centre that has it all! We host learn-to-swim, aqua fitness classes, hydrotherapy, lap lanes and general swimming in our spacious purpose-built facility.

Whilst the facility is a part of Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic, it is not restricted for use by Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic Members only but can be enjoyed by all.

The pool is heated and has been thoughtfully split into two temperatures to accommodate any requirement. One side of the pool has a water temperature of approx 28°C, and the other approx 33°C which makes it perfect for hydrotherapy.

If you attend an Aqua Fitness Class, you will experience the energy and vibrancy of the knowledgable class instructors who aim to motivate and inspire you in every class.

Whether you are interested in Aqua Fitness Classes, lap swimming, Learn to Swim Lessons, hydrotherapy or general swimming, we have it all covered at Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic.

The around-the-pool features are comfortable seating allowing for easy spectatorship, large panel glass windows to allow plenty of ventilation and enough space to watch or immerse yourself in the warm waters. There is always a Lifeguard on duty to ensure the safety of all guests at the Aquatic Centre.

Aqua Fitness Classes

Every week we facilitate over 25 group fitness classes and our water based exercise programs are designed to work the whole body including every major muscle group. Challenging your mind and body by utilising the natural resistance of water. Music, motivation but most of all fun is the focus of the Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic Aqua Classes delivered by our experienced and dedicated team.
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Learn to Swim

Through Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic philosophy, “Dolphins” with the help of our friend,“Splash” will give your child the ultimate in fun based learning! The Learn to Swim teachers’ goal in every lesson is to create an adventure where children will be transported by new and innovative teaching techniques.
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Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment.

The Aquatic Centre at Dolphins Fitness & Aquatic was purpose built with special attention given to various features in order to keep participants as comfortable as possible whilst in the water.

The facility boasts an array of features such as ramp access for disabled or injured participants, beach entry, slow declining steps and the traditional ladder entry along with hoist and ledge seating to facilitate any need. The pool temperature is maintained at a warm 33ºC all year round which makes it perfect for hydrotherapy.



Allows you entry into the pool for recreational swimming. Does not include any classes or programs.

Adult (17+) • $5.50
Child (5 – 16) • $4.50
Child (4 & under) • Free
Pensioner * • $4.50
Family Pass** • $17.50

A prepaid pass which entitles the user to 30 general entry visits. Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Adult • $126.00
Pensioner * • $112.00

Those who do not wish to use the facility but watch the swimmers will be charged astandard fl at fee. This rate is generally used by parents watching their children swim,or family and friends watching a swim-meet or carnival.
Spectator • $1.60

* Aged Pension and Senior Card holders.
** Family pass includes entry for two adults and two children.