Tighten Your Laces!

Dolphins Health Precinct - Personal Trainer - Lisa MacLean

The countdown to one of the biggest running events in the Moreton Bay region has started! The weather is cooler and the sun is shining so put your sneakers on and go for a jog or fast-paced walk along the easily accessed pathways that line the foreshores that surround the Redcliffe Peninsula. We really can’t […]

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Jetty 2 Jetty Only 4 Weeks Away!

We are all aware of the perks of running; less stress, better heart health and even an easier time slipping into your jeans. But even the most disciplined person can find themselves requiring extra motivation. One of my favorite quotes states, “Once you’ve succeeded at a challenge, you need new ways to test your limits”. […]

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Your Running Questions Answered!

Get ready for the Redcliffe Jetty to Jetty with Lisa from Dolphins Health Precinct. It’s running season again and my favourite time of the year. Being a Personal Trainer I come across plenty of people who are keen to either start running or just want to improve their time distance. Everyone that I have run […]

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